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Mentoring has always had an important place in my life,
from high school to research group leader.

For my team, I aim to perform innovative and high-quality research in a mutually supportive and attractive working environment, where students and collaborators blossom into satisfied and recognized researchers.

As a PI, I am committed to invest my deepest energy into the supervision of young researchers from my own team and visitors from my research network. An important proportion of my former mentees were able to pursue a career in academia.

I am always welcoming motivated students and researchers; if you are interested, don't hesitate to get in touch.

  Supervisor of:

  • 8 postdocs

  • 5 PhD theses

  • 5 on-going PhD theses

  • 38 MSc theses

  • 9 research internships

CURRENT MENTEES (PhD students and postdocs) 

Former mentees map

Bérengère Bastogne

PhD student (2021-)

The role of intraspecific variation in modulating the effects of environmental change drivers on ecological systems (mycorrhizal fungi)


Victor Brans

PhD student (2022-)

Impacts and interactions of multiple environmental change drivers in nature: a metapopulation viability analysis of Boloria eunomia in Belgian Ardenne

Tessa de Bruin

Tessa de Bruin

PhD student (2018-)

The role of intraspecific variation in modulating the effects of environmental change drivers on ecological systems (ciliated protists)

Marie-Charlotte Gielen

Marie-Charlotte Gielen

PhD student (2018-)

Mitigation of the impacts of cattle boreholes on wildlife biodiversity in the Kalahari Desert, Botswana


Florent Manzi

Postdoc (2022-)

Habitat choice: evolution and eco-evolutionary consequences

Nils Svendsen

Nils Svendsen

PhD student (2016-)

Experimentally testing the «functional diversity» framework using laboratory microcosm

FORMER MENTEES (PhD students and postdocs) 

Former mentees map

Estelle Laurent

PhD student (2015-2022)

Dispersal heterogeneity: causes and consequences in a unicellular ciliate organism in microcosms


Dr. Allan Raffard

Postdoc (2020-2021)

Implications of intraspecific variability in dispersal syndromes for meta-community and metaecosystem functioning

Dr. Quentin Dubois

Dr. Quentin Dubois

PhD student (2012-2018)

The conservation of the Cranberry Fritillary Boloria aquilonaris across space and over time: study of a boreo-montane butterfly from distribution to demography

Staffan Jacob

Dr. Staffan Jacob

Postdoc (2016-2018)

Role of nonrandom dispersal in spatial heterogeneity of phenotypes and species response to environmental change


Dr. Thibaut Morel Journel

Postdoc (2016-2018)

The role of landscape topology on metapopulation dynamics under environmental change: from in silico to in vivo approaches

Virginie Thuillier

Virginie Thuillier

PhD student (2011-2017)

Phenotypic plasticity and evolution of life history traits of Tetrahymena thermophila in microcosms

Christophe Lebigre

Dr. Christophe Lebigre

Postdoc (2011-2016)

Ageing subpopulations and ecological successions: a new perspective on spatial genetics?

Delphine Legrand

Dr. Delphine Legrand

Postdoc (2014-2015)

How do organisms adapt to changes in environmental conditions: an experimental evolution and genomic approach

Camille Turlure

Dr. Camille Turlure

PhD student (2007-2009) - Postdoc (2011-2015)

Habitat from a butterfly’s point of view: how specialist butterflies map onto ecological resources

Now postdoc @ Université catholique de Louvain, Earth and Life Institute (Belgium)

Frank Pennekamp

Dr. Frank Pennekamp

PhD student (2009-2014)

Swimming with ciliates – Dispersal and movement ecology of T. thermophila

Viktoriia Radchuk

Dr. Viktoriia Radchuk

PhD student (2008-2012) - Postdoc (2012-2013)

Dealing with biological complexity in Population Viability Analysis:
lessons from two endangered butterfly species

Kate Mitchell

Dr. Kate Mitchell

Postdoc (2011-2012)

Phenotypic plasticity in Tetrahymena thermophila ciliates

Now postdoc @ Macquarie University (Australia)

Julie Choutt

Dr. Julie Choutt

PhD student (2007-2011)

The butterfly and the wasp: host-parasitoid relationship between Boloria eunomia and Cotesia eunomiae

Former mentees map
Former mentees map


Dr. Camille Turlure
Dr. Frank Pennekamp
Dr. Christophe Lebigre
Dr. Viktoriia Radchuk
Dr Quentin Dubois
Dr. Kate Mitchell
Dr Staffan Jacob
Dr. Delphine Legrand
Dr Allan Raffard
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